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Fri, Oct. 27, 2017   7:30pm;  at the Starr Library;  presented by Chip Holman
Olin Dows' Drawings, Photos & Watercolors

Rhinebeck Historical Society
Sun, Oct. 29, 2017   3:00pm 4:30pm;  at the Elmendorph Inn
Uncovering Your House's History

Historic Red Hook
Sat, Nov.  4, 2017   3:00pm;  at the Elmendorph Inn
Chocolate 'Fun Do'

Historic Red Hook
Fri, Nov. 17, 2017   7:30pm;  at the Starr Library;  presented by Will Tatum
Tales from the Dutchess County Ancient Documents:
Crime and Society in Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck Historical Society
Sat, Nov. 18, 2017   6:30pm 9:00pm;  at the Elmendorph Inn
Annual Auction and Dinner

Historic Red Hook
Sun, Dec.  3, 2017   1:00pm 4:00pm;  at the Elmendorph Inn
Dutch Christmas Open House

Historic Red Hook
Sat, Dec.  9, 2017   5:00pm 7:00pm;  at Church hall above Murray's Restaurant in Tivoli
A Christmas Carol in Tivoli

Historic Red Hook
Sat, Dec. 16, 2017   6:00pm;  at the Rhinecliff Hotel;  History challenge, fun, games, prizes!
The 50th Anniversary of the Rhinebeck Historical Society

Rhinebeck Historical Society

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