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1900-08-11 Pension law for civil war vets  May 9, 1900 law allows pension of $12 per month for Civil War vets over 75"      Newspaper  Civil War  vertical
1900-08-11 Construction of Power House  Power House of the Dutchess Electric Light Heat and Power Company on upper Montgomery St near RR tracks"      Newspaper  Business, DELHP Co.  vertical
1917-08-25 Denfense Corps Mustered In  Rhinebeck Home Defense Corps, 65 men were musted into state service"      Newspaper  Military,WWI  vertical
1917-09-08 Peach Vendors in Rhinebeck  Peach Vendors have made the Streets noisy with their calls this week"      Newspaper  Farming  vertical
1917-10-20 Two Chariavari Celebrations  One Charivari Sat. evening and another Monday gave the boys a double opportunity for enjoyment transcript of article"      Newspaper  Event, Charivari  vertical
1917-12-15 First Community Christmas Tree  First Community Christmas Tree for Rhinebeck will be lighted on Beekman Arms Lawn Christmas Eve"      Newspaper  Event, Christmas Tree Lighting  vertical
1865-02-28 Planning Meeting for end of War Celebration  Meeting to be held to plan celebration for the Victory transcript of article"      Newspaper  Civil War  vertical
1865-04-11 Butter selling for 30-40 cents per pounnd  Rhinebeck merchants selling butter for 30 to 40 cents per pound transcript of article"      Newspaper  Business, farming  vertical
1865-08-13 Turtle Soup at Hillyer's Hotel  Review of Turtle Soup served at Hillyer's Hotel transcript of article"      Newspaper    vertical
1865-08-29 Hillside Chapel Festival  Fair and Festival to be held Aug 30 at the Hillside Chapel transcript of article"    Hillside  Newspaper  Church, Hillside  vertical
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