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1866-05-22 Aldrich Fruit Ladder  Fruit Ladder business offered for sale transcript of article"  Aldrich, Hoffman  Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY  Newspaper  Business  vertical
1866-08-07 Income Tax Returns  Lists those with Income over $600 Burgh, Cotting, Miller, VanSteenburgh, etc. transcript of article"  Burgh, Cotting Miller    Newspaper  Tax  vertical
1866-10-30 Welch's Mommoth Pumpkin  Alfred Welch grew pumpkin weighing 105 pounds transcript of article"  Welch, Burton, Williams    Newspaper  Farming  vertical
1868-03-31 "Old State Prision" W. Market St. to be demolished  Article about building on West Market Street called ""Old State Prison"" which will be demolished "  Pjak, Thompson  Rhinebeck Village  Newspaper  Buildings, Old State Prison  vertical
1868-07-21 Nelson Dederick affected by sunstroke  Nelson Dederick afflicted with sunstroke while working in the field transcript of article"  Dederick    Newspaper  Farming, people  vertical
1868-08-01 Montgomery St. Harness Maker enlarges building  20 foot square addition to William Sipperly's Montgomery St. harness making business transcript of article"  Sipperly  Village  Newspaper  Village  vertical
1868-09-01 Street Improvement, E. Market and Center St.  Large crew employed grading and relaying sidewalk, EastMarket and Center St transcript of article"    Village  Newspaper  Village  vertical
1868-09-08 VanderLind Building Handsome New Building  Article about VanDerLind building, SE corner of East Market under construction "  VanderLind  Rhinebeck Village  Newspaper  Buildings, VanderLind  vertical
1871-03-30 Coal Yard being started in the village  Report of Coal Yard to be started transcript of article"      Newspaper  Village  vertical
1871-04-60 Thomas Reed purchased Cookingham farm  Thomas Reed has purchased the farm of J.E. Cookingham (Springbrook Park)"  Cookingham, Reed    Newspaper  Buildings  vertical
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