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2006-020 Hudson River Villas  1985  Hudson River Villas is a hardcover book which contains the history and pictures and/or drawings of 123 imposing villas and grand estates located near the Hudson River between New York City and Albany. The book divides the villas/estates into three groups by area: 1) The Lower Hudson and Palisades, 2) The Highlands, 3) The Catskills and Upper Hudson. Rhinebeck estates included in the book are Wildercliff, Wilderstein, Ferncliff, Ferncliff Casino, Wyndclyffe, Ellerslie, Rokeby, Marienruh, Leacote, and Mandara.    Hudson River Valley  Book  Hudson River Estates Architecture  ZUKOWSKY, John; STIMSON, Robbe Pierce  vertical
1995-075 Rhinebeck Village Census 1898  1846, 1898  Contains a handwritten 1898 census of the Village of Rhinebeck, listing names and ages of all Rhinebeck Village residents, arranged alphabetically in a hardcover journal. On the cover is written "property of Alice Milroy" and "Village of Rhinebeck Jan'y 15, 1898." Tucked inside the journal is a militia list dated 1846 of persons who commuted for militia duty from Rhinebeck.    Rhinebeck  Book List  Military Records Militia Census Genealogy  Zoning board of Rhinebeck  vertical
1996-002.03 Fox Hollow, Estate of Tracy Dows: Letter from Edward J. Zneimer  9/22/1982  A letter to Marilyn Hatch, Rhinebeck Historical Society, from Edward J. Zneimer, Executive Director of Rhinebeck Country School, in which he declines her invitation to list the school properties in historic registries. Rhinebeck Country School occupied Fox Hollow at the time of the letter.  Hatch Zneimer Larson  Rhinebeck  Letter  Estates Fox Hollow Letters  ZNEIMER, Edward J  vertical
2006-089 Eliot Spitzer  2006, 2007  Contains 1) About Town article on Eliot Spitzer, his background, and his purchase of a house in Pine Plains; 2) New York Times article on Eliot Spitzer's move into the Governor's Mansion in Albany (a/k/a Executive Mansion), and the history of the Mansion.  Spitzer Anderson Cornell Flower Bryant Tilden Kennedy Olcott Roosevelt Lehman Morton Hill Lefkowitz Wilson McKinley Black  Albany, New York Pine Plains, NY  Newspaper article  Governors, New York State  YOUNG, Constance; ROBERTS, Sam  vertical
1996-007.01 Rhinebeck Families Tercentenary 1988: Families 1  1988  Photographs of families and groups taken in celebration of the 1988 Rhinebeck tercentenary: 1) Third Evangelical Church members and friends 2) Venezia family 3) Yerry family) 4) McGee family 5 & 6) Lobotsky family 7) Williams, Pratt, Replansky families 8) Martinez family 9) Replansky family 10)Martin family 11) Offerman family 12) Guiney family 13) Chaneles, Vavadi, Volski families 14,15) Cautelas, Sinnott families 16) Ettenson family  Venezia Yerry McGee Lobotsky Williams Pratt Replansky Martinez Martin Offerman Guiney Chaneles Vavadi Volski Cautelas Sinnott Ettenson  Rhinebeck  Photograph  Genealogy Family life Celebration Photography  YOUNG, Mildred, compiler  vertical
1996-007.02 Rhinebeck Families Tercentenary 1988: Families 2  1988  17) McDermott family, Ettenson family 18) Replansky family 19) Bergles family 20) Pitcher family 21)Riordan family 22) Guiney family  McDermott Ettenson Replansky Bergles Pitcher Riordan Guiney  Rhinebeck  Photograph  Celebration Family life Genealogy Photography  YOUNG, Mildred, compiler  vertical
1995-089.04 Rhinebeck Tercentenary Celebration: Chairperson Mildred Young's Files  1986-1989  1) Agreement between Mildred Young and Donald Quackenbush about funding 2) July 5, 1988 New Yorker article on Rhinebeck 3) Folder entitled "A Guide to Cultural and Recreational Resources" of Rhinebeck that includes drawing and photographs of historic houses 4) Booklet on Rhinecliff, including a walking tour 5) Other letters and documents.  Young  Rhinebeck  Contract Magazine article Booklet Letter  Celebrations Tercentenary 1986  YOUNG, Mildred  vertical
2005-017 Dr. Roger Perry  3/17/2005  Gazette Advertiser 03/17/2005 contains Sara Yerry's letter to the editor about her father Dr. Robert Yerry. The letter notes that, for the second time, Dr. Yerry received the highest overall score of all MVP physicians on MVP Health Care's Physician Quality Report for internal medicine in of all of New York State and Vermont.  Yerry  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article    YERRY, Sara  vertical
2015-001.01.070 Benjamin Hevenor Collection--personal correspondence  January 12, 1860  Letter is from W H Yager to "Friend Matt." The writer notes that he is not yet back in Adrian (Michigan), that he's waiting for money from John. The envelope in which the letter was mailed is with the letter, is postmarked "Stuyvesant," and the address to Matt in Rhinebeck is clearly legible.  2015-001.01.070.jpg Hevenor Yager  Stuyvesant Rhinebeck  Letter  Friendship  YAGER, W H  vertical
2006-039 Les Ziffren  05/2006, 09/2006  Contains a biographical article about Lester Ziffren written in honor of his 100th birthday. Mr. Ziffren, a newspaperman, was a part time Rhinebeck resident according to Nicholas McCausland. The article mentions Mr. Ziffren's experiences as a UPI correspondent in Madrid and a public relations officer during World War II.  Ziffren  Rhinebeck  Newsletter article    WURTZEL, David  vertical
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