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2018-002.01.015 The Staatsburg Union School Year Book ,1932  c, 1932  School yearbook  2018-002.01.015.pdf Russell, Baright, Kachele, Briggs, Guenter  Staatsburg, NY    School highlights and staff  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.079 Photo of Rhinebeck Gazette Storefront and Jacob Strong  c,1936  Photo showing storefronts of Gazette, Rhinebeck Coal, Dutchess Light, Heat, and Power, Rhinebeck Water Co., and Rhinebeck Reaility Development Co. and J. Strong friends.  2018-002.01.079.jpg Strong  Rhinebeck, NY    Associates of J. Strong  Strong  vertical
2018-002.01.006 American Legion Veterans' Day Ball  Nov 13, 1954  Pamphlet listing sponsors of Veterans' Day Ball at Bulkeley School Gymnasium to benefit Americal Legion Building Fund  2018-002.01.006.pdf   Rhinebeck, NY    Sponsors' commercial ads  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.007 175TH Anniversary St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Wurtemburg, NY  Jun 29, 1935  Written address by Alvah Frost at the celebration of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the St. Paul's Lutheran Church which higlights historical milestones  2018-002.01.007.pdf Frost  Wurtemburg, NY    Historical milestones  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.008 Announcement of Founding of Foxhollow School for Girls, Rhinebeck, NY  Oct 03, 1930  Pamphlet announcing the establishment of the school,  2018-002.01.008.pdf Farrell, Dows,  Rhinebeck, NY    Highlights of school's ED value  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.009 Souvenir of Military Regiment Survivors Re-Union  Jun 14, 1911  Re-union pamphlet listing attendees and menu for event, 1862-1911  2018-002.01.009.pdf Morse, Keese, Davis  Rhinebeck, NY    Attendees and Menu  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.010 Anderson School 25th Annual Commencement Address  Jun xx, 1949  Address by Louis A. Lurie, MD, to the 25th graduating class of the Anderson School, "Education as a Factor in Personality Development"  2018-002.01.010.pdf Lurie  Staatsburg, NY    Life topics  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.011 Dutchess County Fair, 4-H Club Participation Pamphlet--not scanned  Aug 29, 1950  Pamphlet announcing categories for 4-H competition at county fair, Aug29 thru Sep2, 1950  Tozier, Mosher, Wigsten  Rhinebeck, NY    4-H rules and competitions  Rhinebeck Gazette  vertical
2018-002.01.084 Folder with clipping of newspaper articles, editorials--not scanned  1920 thru 1960  Folder containing newspaper clippings, and type written pages offered for local publication in the Rhinebeck Gazette newspaper  various  Rhinebeck, NY    various  various  vertical
2018-002.01.083 Photo of Jacob Strong Jr as announcer at 4th July air show, Cozine field  c,1953  Photo of Jacob H. Strong, jr as announcer at July 4th air show at Cozine Field, Rhinebeck and attached N Dutchess Flying Club membership card for Shirley Strong  2018-002.01.083.jpg Strong  Rhinebeck, NY    Photo at event  Unknown  vertical
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