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1995-007.01 DeGarmo Institute: Catalogue of 1881-82  1881  Picture of former DeGarmo Institute with listings of faculty, subjects taught, expenses for year 1881-82, lecture series. General description of school faculty and advisory board. Contains reference to a lecture series, list of students, graduates -1873-1881 and possible courses of study. This was a private secondary school on Livingston Street in the Village of Rhinebeck.  Ackert Adams Aucock Baker Baldwin Barnes Barringer Bennett Brown Brunson Carroll Collins Conklin Cookingham Crose Crisius Dedrick Degarmo Drury Dubois Dyar Ehlers Ellsworth Elmendorf Elseffer Engs Esselstyn Feller Free Gazen Greem Grube Guilfoil Haines Hall Haviland Hewlett Hoffman Hogan Hubert Lansing Lattin Leary Vonderlinden Losee Lown Macdiarmio Macelroy Macy Massoneau McCarty Morse Myers Oakley O'Brien Otis Palmer Pitcher Platt Proper Pultz Quick Reed Rynders Rikert Roof Schaad Secor Simmons Sipperly Astor Smith Stodard Story Strobel Sweet Tabor Thompson Thorn Townsend Traver Tremper Tyler Utter Van Ambert Van Steenberg Warring Wey Wheatley Whittlesey Williams Wortz Zapata Ziegenfuss Van Steenburgh Garretson Lansing Strong Judson Heermance Van Keuren Wager  Rhinebeck  Books/Publications  Education  DeGarmo, James M.  vertical
1995-007.02 DeGarmo Institute: Mrs. DeGarmo's Teaching Career  1876  Newspaper article about Mrs. DeGarmo; a brief history of Mrs. DeGarmo's teaching career and gifts she received from students for her birthday.  DeGarmo  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article  Education People    vertical
1995-008 Rhinebeck before 1812 (Photocopy of map)  pre-1812  Shows patents in Rhinebeck pre-1812 with owners' names and holdings.  Livingston Pawling Artsen Kip Knickerbocker Gansevoort Staats Benthuysen Beekman Hoffman  Rhinebeck between Livingston Manor and "Pawlings Purchase"  Photocopy  History Genealogy property    vertical
1995-009.01 Views of Rhinebeck--Postcards of Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff--Business & Transportation Scenes  19th and 20th century  Reproductions of postcards of Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff (8 items): Track side Rhinecliff Depot, Violet Industry, Rhinecliff & Kingston Ferry, Dr, Baker's Drug Store, View of Mill Street, Town Hall and Post Office    Rhinebeck Rhinecliff  Prints  Transportation Commerce Buildings Street scenes    vertical
1995-009.02 Views of Rhinebeck--Map of Rhinebeck Village  1890  1890 Rhinebeck Village map, drawn and published by L. R. Burleigh, Troy, NY. Map identifies streets and 26 buildings. Bird's-eye view looking from southeast to northwest.  Burleigh  Rhinebeck  Maps/Plans  Transportation Commerce Buildings  BURLEIGH, L. R.  vertical
1995-010 Grammar School Slate Board  2nd half of 19th cent.  8"x10" portable, framed, two sided slate board used by grammar school students for notes and calculations. On wood frame is the manufacturer's name, Andrew W. Futselles, Pat;d April 3, 1877, Chicago. On slate, signed in indelible pencil: Bensn F [--presumably, this is Benson Frost.  Futselles Frost  Dutchess County, Rhinebeck  Artifact  Education    vertical
1995-011.01 Elma Williamson Papers, her parents Henry and Lucy Staley--Personal Correspondence  1943-1944  Correspondence received. Personal letters 1943-44  Staley  Rhinebeck  Letters  Letters WWII    vertical
1995-011.02 Elma Williamson Papers, her parents Henry and Lucy Staley--World War II  1942-1944  Letters, postcards and v-mail received from servicemen who visited Staley Family home during World War II. Ration Stamps, Sugar Purchase Certificate from World War II.  Staley  Rhinebeck  Letters Stamps Certificates  WWII Rationing Letters    vertical
1995-011.03 Elma Williamson Papers, her parents Henry and Lucy Staley--Postal Service  1920, 1939  Homer Henry Staley letter of appointment as letter carrier. Delivery route map, photo of route with snow. His career was rural letter carrier on this route in the Rhinebeck area. Letter to Mrs. Lucy Staley from Eleanor Roosevelt for work done for Post Office dedication.  Roosevelt Staley  Rhinebeck  Letters Maps/Plans Photograpic  Postal service Rural Free Letters    vertical
1995-011.04 Elma Williamson Papers, her parents Henry and Lucy Staley--Photos  1947-1981  Buttermilk Falls (1981), School Chorus, School House (1964/ 1967), Postcards unused, 2 stamped, 2 Heermance House, 1 Crystal Lake. Gazebo (from Cottage Farm), barn (19th cent. Van Steenburg Snyder House). And photos of Rhinebeck 100th anniversary parade.  Velie  Rhinebeck  Photograph  Business Education Agriculture Houses Parades    vertical
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