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1995-012.01 Schuyler Documents--Two Letters to Stephen Schuyler  1823, 1826  References to relatives, friends, and a potential wife, "Gertrude." July 23, 1823 and July 3, 1926 are dates of letters. Later letter is signed M. A. L.  Schuyler Livingston  Rhinebeck  Letters  Letters  LIVINGSTON, L. A.  vertical
1995-012.02 Schuyler Documents--Stove Patent Transfer Document  1844  Document dated May 13, 1844, signed by the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, DC. Transfer of patent rights on combining a Franklin and cook stove. Rights transferred from Alfred Cross to John T McCarty and Nathen W. H. Judsen, both of Rhinebeck. Document contains the seal of the US Patent Office.  Cross McCarty Judsen Schuyler  Rhinebeck  Documents, Legal  patents local families  U S Patent Office  vertical
1995-013 Bush & Meisel Families  1888-1964  Photos (individual and group). High school and College material, including several articles related to Smith College graduation. Items found in attic at 108 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck. Some of the photos were processed by J. M. White & Co, Photographers, 1102 Military St, Port Huron, Michigan. Other than being found in Rhinebeck, the local connection of the people in the photos was unknown to the donor.  Bush Meisel Pagano  Michigan--Port Huron  Photograpic  Buildings Family portraits Colleges  WHITE, J. M. & Co.  vertical
1995-014.01 History of Education in Dutchess County --Book by Charles D. King, 1959  1700-1959  Index refers to Rhinebeck on pp 34,35,38,49,51-2,62-5,75,81,99,104,106,112. The first school in Dutchess Co. was in Rhinebeck (at Rts. 9/9G intersection) a church school opened in 1716. Church schools were predominant in Rhinebeck unitl 1805.  King  Rhinebeck and Dutchess County  Book  Education  KING, Charles D.  vertical
1995-014.02 History of Education in Dutchess County--One Room School Houses  Early to mid 20th century  Gazette Advertiser article (1991) about Rhinebeck Historical Society meeting about one room schools. Bulls Head School, the last, closed in the 1950s. Rhinebeck had 12 one room schools-- all still standing, most now converted into homes.  Russell Vogel Johnson Harrison Carbary Barber Losee Williamson  Rhinebeck Dutchess County  Newspaper  Education Buildings One-Room Schools  KING, Charles D.  vertical
1995-015 Church of the Messiah Choir School Photo  ca. 1915  Photo of Boys and English Choir Director Norman Coke-Jeph-Cott from Canterbury. All in photo identified by George Hull.  Cross Coke-Jeph-Cott Hull Lent Chapman Weckesser Plain, Towl Barclay Weist Dicks Miller Hazlett Stockbower Close  Rhinebeck  Photograpic  Churches Choirs Religion Music Education  vertical
1995-016.01 Barbara Frost Collection--Marriages and Deaths, Dutchess County NY 1778-1825  1778-1825, 1930  Book of marriages and deaths arranged alphabetically and by source, also an alphabetical list of married women's maiden names. Part of the Collections of the Dutchess Co. Historical Society.    Dutchess County  Book  Genealogy  REYNOLDS, Helen Wilkinson  vertical
1995-016.02 Barbara Frost Collection--Tories of Rhinebeck  1864, 1770s, 1989  1) 2 copies of a description of a fair in Poughkeepsie in 1864, for purpose of fund-raising for medical services for the Civil War. 2) Letter dated 04/04/1989 from Ruth Charles to Barbara Frost commentary on the genealogy of the Wager (Wagar, Weegar) family--some were Tories and had to flee to Canada at the time of the Revolutionary War.  Wager Wagar Weegar Frost Charles  Dutchess County Rhinebeck  Textual Records Letter  Civil War Fund- Raising Genealogy Revolutionary War  CHARLES, Ruth  vertical
1995-016.03 Barbara Frost Collection--Rhinebeck Grange #896  1899-1975  Listing of membership in the 1952-62 period. List of masters of grange starting in 1901. Handwritten pages in 4 1/2" x 7" 6-ring binder.  Ackert Balint Barnes Bissett Bollenbecker Brucks Budd Burroughs Close Cookingham Coon Dapson Decker Fraser Fulford Goldsmith Graft Hall Harriman Hayner Herenor Hodges Kolbenskie Huber Lown Marquet Meade Traver Van Keuren Weegan Johnson Kilmer Newman Queen Raymond Royce Smith Snyder Spoor Van Wagenen Burroughs Cotting Close Fichera Mattison Applegate Gakenheimer Coon Frost  Rhinebeck  Textual Records  Organizations    vertical
1995-016.04 Barbara Frost Collection--Post Cards of Rhinebeck  1909  Contains two post cards, one addressed to Miss Ethel Traver, Salt Point with photo of Rhinebeck's "Buttermilk Falls." The other, addressed to Mrs. Robert Hevenor of Salt Point, mentions cleaning a house after the death of the occupant. Side A shows a photo of the Church of the Messiah in Rhinebeck.  Traver Hevenor  Rhinebeck Salt point  Postcard  Buildings Waterfalls Churches Church of the Messiah    vertical
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