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1995-001.01 Robert Asher Photo Collection: Asher Family Photographs  Early 20th century  Robert Asher in 1994 reported that the photos were found in the Miller House on Mill St. once occupied by his grandfather, J. Howard Asher. So they probably are Asher Family photos. Only 2 of the approx. 26 photos are identified; one of J. Howard Asher.  Asher Miller  Rhinebeck Clinton Milan  Photograph  Education Commerce Agriculture Transportation Fashions Genealogy    vertical
1995-001.02 Robert Asher Photo Collection: One Room School Houses in Rhinebeck and Clinton, and other Town Buildings  first half 20th cent.  "One-Room" school houses: Hermanceville, Morton; North Hook; Eighmyville; Hillside; Wurtemburg, Ackert Hook, White School; Stone Church; Miller; Clinton #1 in Bullshead; Clinton #2 Mountainview; Clinton #6 Schultzville, Milan #6. Also photo of DeGarmo Institute; and unidentified photo of balding man with thick mustache, wearing winter coat.      Photograph  Education Commerce Agriculture Transportation Fashions Genealogy    vertical
1995-001.03 Robert Asher Photo Collection: Glass Negatives  late 19th/ early 20th cent.  Photo collection, judging from clothing and vehicles, was taken in the 1890s to 1920s, includes village street scenes, some commercial establishments,many residences and people posing, some antique cars and horse-drawn vehicles, some rural scenes. There are 86 glass negatives-a list describing each is with the negatives.    Rhinebeck Clinton Milan  Photograph Negative Glass Plate Negative  Education Commerce Agriculture Transportation Fashions Genealogy    vertical
1995-005.01 Sterling Collection: Proposed Book About Rhinebeck's Historic Churches  1700-1820,  A developing picture of the history of the Lutheran and Reformed churches in the Rhinebeck community; as well as Methodist, Baptist, and other Protestant denominations. The proposed book's narrative stops at 1820, but it appears that additional pages intended to continue the narrative may be missing. Includes German immigration, lands given to churches, Old Stone Church, Wurtemburg Lutheran Church, lists of pastors.  Armstrong Beam Bonesteel Cook Elseffer Hartwig Kierstad Kip Kuypers Livingston Mancius Pawling Pultz Rubel Sipperly Siperly Spaller Tatar Tillotson Van Hovenburgh Van Voorhees Vas Wager Weiss Wells Scott Hager Osterhout Sipperley Van Etten Traphagen Lewis Garretson Quitman Beekman Burr Gurnell  Rhinebeck  Document, Booklet  Churches Religion    vertical
1995-005.03 Sterling Collection: Baker Drugstore Advertisement  Unknown  Advertisement (apparently copied from newspaper) listing items for sale at former drugstore located on East Market Street in Rhinebeck.    Rhinebeck  Newspaper article  Advertising    vertical
1995-007.02 DeGarmo Institute: Mrs. DeGarmo's Teaching Career  1876  Newspaper article about Mrs. DeGarmo; a brief history of Mrs. DeGarmo's teaching career and gifts she received from students for her birthday.  DeGarmo  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article  Education People    vertical
1995-008 Rhinebeck before 1812 (Photocopy of map)  pre-1812  Shows patents in Rhinebeck pre-1812 with owners' names and holdings.  Livingston Pawling Artsen Kip Knickerbocker Gansevoort Staats Benthuysen Beekman Hoffman  Rhinebeck between Livingston Manor and "Pawlings Purchase"  Photocopy  History Genealogy property    vertical
1995-009.01 Views of Rhinebeck--Postcards of Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff--Business & Transportation Scenes  19th and 20th century  Reproductions of postcards of Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff (8 items): Track side Rhinecliff Depot, Violet Industry, Rhinecliff & Kingston Ferry, Dr, Baker's Drug Store, View of Mill Street, Town Hall and Post Office    Rhinebeck Rhinecliff  Prints  Transportation Commerce Buildings Street scenes    vertical
1995-010 Grammar School Slate Board  2nd half of 19th cent.  8"x10" portable, framed, two sided slate board used by grammar school students for notes and calculations. On wood frame is the manufacturer's name, Andrew W. Futselles, Pat;d April 3, 1877, Chicago. On slate, signed in indelible pencil: Bensn F [--presumably, this is Benson Frost.  Futselles Frost  Dutchess County, Rhinebeck  Artifact  Education    vertical
1995-011.01 Elma Williamson Papers, her parents Henry and Lucy Staley--Personal Correspondence  1943-1944  Correspondence received. Personal letters 1943-44  Staley  Rhinebeck  Letters  Letters WWII    vertical
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