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1995-001.02 Robert Asher Photo Collection: One Room School Houses in Rhinebeck and Clinton, and other Town Buildings  first half 20th cent.  "One-Room" school houses: Hermanceville, Morton; North Hook; Eighmyville; Hillside; Wurtemburg, Ackert Hook, White School; Stone Church; Miller; Clinton #1 in Bullshead; Clinton #2 Mountainview; Clinton #6 Schultzville, Milan #6. Also photo of DeGarmo Institute; and unidentified photo of balding man with thick mustache, wearing winter coat.      Photograph  Education Commerce Agriculture Transportation Fashions Genealogy    vertical
1995-001.03 Robert Asher Photo Collection: Glass Negatives  late 19th/ early 20th cent.  Photo collection, judging from clothing and vehicles, was taken in the 1890s to 1920s, includes village street scenes, some commercial establishments,many residences and people posing, some antique cars and horse-drawn vehicles, some rural scenes. There are 86 glass negatives-a list describing each is with the negatives.    Rhinebeck Clinton Milan  Photograph Negative Glass Plate Negative  Education Commerce Agriculture Transportation Fashions Genealogy    vertical
1995-004.02 Rhinebeck Village District National Register of Historic Places--Individual Building Descriptions  1773-1980  These are the Building-Structure Inventory Forms, one for each building. Forms include building name, street location, owner in 1978, original and present use, building materials, structural systems, condition, integrity, related, outbuildings, surroundings of buildings, notable features, historical/architectural importance/significance, and a photo. Note that all of these documents and photos are photocopies, not originals.    Rhinebeck village  Photocopy  Architecture Genealogy Businesses  Rhinebeck Historical Society  vertical
1995-004.03 Rhinebeck Village District National Register of Historic Places--Major Bibliographical References and summary listing of structures  Apr-79  Sources used to determine Historical Background of Buildings. This series also includes a listing (which runs 36 pages) of all the structures included in the nomination of the Village of Rhinebeck for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.    Rhinebeck Village  Textual Records  Architecture Genealogy Business  Rhinebeck Historical Society  vertical
1995-005.03 Sterling Collection: Baker Drugstore Advertisement  Unknown  Advertisement (apparently copied from newspaper) listing items for sale at former drugstore located on East Market Street in Rhinebeck.    Rhinebeck  Newspaper article  Advertising    vertical
1995-009.01 Views of Rhinebeck--Postcards of Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff--Business & Transportation Scenes  19th and 20th century  Reproductions of postcards of Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff (8 items): Track side Rhinecliff Depot, Violet Industry, Rhinecliff & Kingston Ferry, Dr, Baker's Drug Store, View of Mill Street, Town Hall and Post Office    Rhinebeck Rhinecliff  Prints  Transportation Commerce Buildings Street scenes    vertical
1995-016.01 Barbara Frost Collection--Marriages and Deaths, Dutchess County NY 1778-1825  1778-1825, 1930  Book of marriages and deaths arranged alphabetically and by source, also an alphabetical list of married women's maiden names. Part of the Collections of the Dutchess Co. Historical Society.    Dutchess County  Book  Genealogy  REYNOLDS, Helen Wilkinson  vertical
1995-019.02 Rhinebeck Activities 1969-1987: Hillside Fire Company Publication  1834-1987  History of Fire Service in Town of Rhinebeck. Photos of 1987 members of Fire Departments and Rescue Services are included    Town of Rhinebeck  Pamphlet  Fire protection Fire Departments    vertical
1995-023.02 World War I and II Memorabilia: World War I Military Banners  1914-1918  Twelve World War I banners, colored embroidery on felt, each approximately 5" X 11", 1) Coast Artillery 2) Ordnance 3)Marine 4) Artillery 5) Quartermaster 6) Mach. Gun 7) Over There Aviation 8) Engineers 9) Cavalry 10) Medical 11) Signal 12) Infantry,    Rhinebeck  Textile banner  War World War I    vertical
1995-026.01.5370 Callahan Collection: Indentures, Deeds, Wills    August 27, 1935 indenture between John C. Tillotson, his wife Matilda and Federal Vanderbergh. Indenture mentions a certain indenture dated December 3, 1802 between Morgan Lewis, his wife Gertrude and the late Thomas Tillotson and a Mill Dam. Recorded October 13, 1835 in Liber 57 of Deeds, pages 288 and 289.  1995-026.01.5370.pdf       Grant    vertical
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