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1995-025.02 Peter Fraleigh Family Collection: Donation Letter and Genealogical Information  1992, Undated  This series contains five documents: 1. original letter from John B. Fraleigh to Rhinebeck Historical Society on donation of 1755 Bible. Letter includes genealogical information on Fraleigh family. 2. (appraisal of donated items÷ by Mary Joe Munroe. This is an appraisal of the donated 1755 German Bible. It Includes four listings of spelling variations of the surname: Fraleigh, Fralick, Fralisk, Freligh, Fraligh 3. statement of account regarding appraisal. 4, 5. Two copies of variations of handwritten genealogy of Fraleigh family spanning 1720-1992. See also 1997-035.  Fraleigh Fralick Fralisk Freligh Fraligh Munroe  Rhinebeck Red Hook  Correspondence Letter      vertical
1995-026.00 18th & 19th Century deeds (indentures) maps, militia related documents,pamphlets and miscellaneous materials  1758-1954  Records and events from 1758 to 1954, including deeds for Rhinebeck and nearby properties, maps, militia lists. Also pamphlets and miscellaneous documents covering people, building and places in Rhinebeck and nearby communities. (Note: Collection is under review.)  Traver Johnston Beekman Hamilton Vanderburgh Van Etten Livingston Schultz Garretson Wakeman Fraleigh Van Otten Streit Radcliff Hammick Morton Smith Hummell Dyar Davis Schermerhorn DePeyster  Dutchess County Columbia County Ulster County        vertical
1995-026.01.9005 Callahan Collection: Indentures, Deeds, Wills  1786  May 3, 1786 indenture between Margaret Livingston and Catherine Livingston.  1995-026.01.9005.jpg           vertical
1995-026.01.9006 Callahan Collection: Indentures, Deeds, Wills  1788  May 2, 1788 indenture 20 acres from David Johnson to David Traver.  1995-026.01.9006.pdf           vertical
1995-026.01.9007 Callahan Collection: Indentures, Deeds, Wills  1803  October 5, 1803, Last Will and Testament of David Traver wherein he appoints his sons, Jonathan, Andrew and Samuel as Executors.  1995-026.01.9007.pdf           vertical
1995-029.02 Kiely Collection: Family Name List    List of persons and family names that might have collections of their own. Compiled by Katherine M. Kiely.    Rhinebeck Rhinecliff  List    Kiely, Katherine M  vertical
1995-032.01 Thorn Family Collection: Lucia di Lammermoor at the Metropolitan Opera House    Metropolitan Opera House (New York City) Libretto for the opera Lucia di Lammermoor. Undated with advertisement for Knabe pianos on back. "Thorn" penciled in lower corner of front cover.      Program      vertical
1995-035.01 Mohrmann Family Collection: Letter from LaVern S. Earl    A 1987 letter from LaVern Earl describes his relation to the materials in the Mohrmann Family collection and to Cornelia M (Mohrmann) Stoutenburgh. (Note: Collection is under review.) See also 1999-017, 1999-019, 2000-014)  Earl Mohrmann Stoutenburgh  Rhinebeck Brooklyn Poughkeepsie  Letter      vertical
1995-035.06 Mohrmann Family Collection: Naturalization Record    (Note: Collection is under review.)    Rhinebeck  Document      vertical
1995-035.08 Mohrmann Family Collection: Red Leather Travel Folder with Photo Negatives    Two groups of unidentified negatives are found in a red leather travel folder. Most are informal pictures of groups. The folder contains pockets for stamps and railroad tickets. (Note: Collection is under review.)    Rhinebeck, Brooklyn , Poughkeepsie  Artifact      vertical
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