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1995-025.02 Peter Fraleigh Family Collection: Donation Letter and Genealogical Information  1992, Undated  This series contains five documents: 1. original letter from John B. Fraleigh to Rhinebeck Historical Society on donation of 1755 Bible. Letter includes genealogical information on Fraleigh family. 2. (appraisal of donated items÷ by Mary Joe Munroe. This is an appraisal of the donated 1755 German Bible. It Includes four listings of spelling variations of the surname: Fraleigh, Fralick, Fralisk, Freligh, Fraligh 3. statement of account regarding appraisal. 4, 5. Two copies of variations of handwritten genealogy of Fraleigh family spanning 1720-1992. See also 1997-035.  Fraleigh Fralick Fralisk Freligh Fraligh Munroe  Rhinebeck Red Hook  Correspondence Letter      vertical
1995-026.00 18th & 19th Century deeds (indentures) maps, militia related documents,pamphlets and miscellaneous materials  1758-1954  Records and events from 1758 to 1954, including deeds for Rhinebeck and nearby properties, maps, militia lists. Also pamphlets and miscellaneous documents covering people, building and places in Rhinebeck and nearby communities. (Note: Collection is under review.)  Traver Johnston Beekman Hamilton Vanderburgh Van Etten Livingston Schultz Garretson Wakeman Fraleigh Van Otten Streit Radcliff Hammick Morton Smith Hummell Dyar Davis Schermerhorn DePeyster  Dutchess County Columbia County Ulster County        vertical
2003-050 Rhinebeck Comprehensive Plan  06/2003, 09/2003, 10/2003, 11/  Articles in the Gazette Advertiser and the Kingston Daily Freeman report on the Rhinebeck Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Plan Committee, upcoming meetings and public opinion.  Mazzarella Fink Driscoll Linton Hartshorn Sie McDougle  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article    KARVETSKI, Kerri; FRANK, Aimee J.  vertical
2006-090 Rhinebeck Storm Damage  12/7/2006  Gazette Advertiser reports on the severe storm which caused falling trees and damage to at least four village homes, with photos showing the damage inflicted.  Palinski Fennel Asher Wasula Ruger Silverstein Maserjian Kinsella Block Fennel Ruger Fusfeld Gibbons  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article    PEPPE, Matt; DEVRIES, Colin; PALERMO, Sarah  vertical
2007-002 Former Town Engineer Dan Wheeler's Submitted Charges are Disputed  12/21/2006  Gazette Advertiser reports on a dispute, which was submitted by former Town Engineer Dan Wheeler, over charges for copying and transmitting documents to his successor.  Block Wheeler McGuire  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article    KEMBLE, William/Gazette Advertiser  vertical
2007-010 Village Purchases House at 14 Center Street, Rhinebeck  2/22/2007  Gazette Advertiser reports Rhinebeck Village's purchase of 14 Center Street property for $400,000. to be used to expand municipal office space. The article mentions the controversy of moving the police department to the Center Street location and also notes the Village's intent to eventually demolish the building.  Cunningham  Rhinebeck  Newspaper article    DOXSEY, Patricia  vertical
2007-013 Marienruh  1/16/2007  Contains email correspondence between Nicholas McCausland and John Habich regarding Marienruh, an estate located at 367 River Road, in Rhinebeck, formerly owned by Alice Astor and then Louis Augustus Ehlers.  Habich McCausland Astor Ehlers Teal Obolensky Von Hoffmastal Harding Bouverie LeGre  Rhinebeck  Email      vertical
2013-092.04 Tag Thayer Collection: Color Photographs of Rhinebeck Area Houses/Buildings II  c 1980  Collection of 333 color photographs of Rhinebeck properties includes interior and exterior views of Hillside United Methodist Church; stone house on Route 9; Wildercliffe; Grasmere; Rokeby and Winthrop Aldrich; Dutch Reformed Church; house on South Street; Beekman Arms; Wells House; Wager House; Abraham Kip house and driveway; John Benner House; Delamater House; Montgomery House; Sands House; "The Grove" Schuyler House and outbuildings; Vincent Astor estate: Astor Casino, Ferncliff, Stone Barns, "Tea House," Stone Tenant House; "Marienruch" home of Alice Astor; Steen Valatie; St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Wurtemburg); Octagon House (Red Hook Public Library); Maizefield; Elmendorph Inn; House at 50 N. Broadway Red Hook; House at 54 N. Broadway Red Hook; Gotlieb Martin House; Old Red Church, Tivoli.  Garretson Aldrich Wager Kip Benner Astor Gotlieb  Rhinebeck Red Hook  Photograph      vertical
2013-092.05 Tag Thayer Collection: Rhinebeck Activities  1979, 1980, 1981  Contains some 350 color photographs, some of which are described on the back. Some show scenes of "Revolutionary War Day April 22, 1979 Parade," with citizens in Revolutionary War attire. Other photos show fairground scenes such as calf roping. Some unlabeled photos appear to be planes from Rhinebeck Aerodrome.    Rhinebeck  Photograph      vertical
2013-092.07 Tag Thayer Collection: Deeds to 34 South Street, Rhinebeck  1916, 1930, 1960, 1962, 1972  Contains eleven mortgages/deeds/indentures/bonds to the property at 34 South Street, Rhinebeck NY: 1) Indenture dated 05/04/1916 between Charles W. Tator & Ellen J. Tator and Harold Van Auken & Fulton Van Auken for $1550.00; 2) Indenture dated 05/04/1916 between John D. Lown & Luella Lown and Harold Van Auken & Fulton Van Auken for $1.00; 3) Indenture dated 07/03/1930 between Dora M. Van Auken (widow of Fulton Van Auken) and Harold Van Auken; 4) Indenture dated 07/29/1930 between Joseph F. Van Auken, Frances B. Van Auken, Paul H. Van Auken, minor children of Dora Van Auken , Mandeville C. Frost their Special Guardian, and Harold Van Auken; 5) Bond dated 09/26/1960 states John Beckvermit & Florence Beckvermit owe to Rhinebeck Savings Bank $7500.00; 6) Mortgage dated 09/26/1960 for $7500.00, mortgagors John Beckvermit & Florence Beckvermit (who inherited from Mary B. Van Auken and mortgagee Rhinebeck Savings Bank; 7) Mortgage dated 10/03/1962 John C. Stewart & Diane J. Stewart, mortgagor, and Marine Midland National Bank, mortgagee, for $10,650; 8) Indenture dated 01/10/1972 between John C. Stewart & Diane J. Stewart and Earle A. Young & Kathleen Young for $100.00; 9) Discharge of Mortgage dated 10/02/1962, John Beckvermit & Florence Beckvermit and Rhinebeck Savings Bank; 10) Mortgage Bond John C. Stewart & Diane J. Stewart and Marine Midland National Bank for $10,650.00; 11) Contract for Property dated 09/07/1962, John Beckvermit & Florence Beckvermit to John C. Stewart & Diane J. Stewart.  TATOR TATOR VAN AUKEN VAN AUKEN FROST LOWN Beckvermit Stewart Young  Rhinebeck  Indenture Deed      vertical
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