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SGC.009 Rhinecliff Train Station  1907-08-29  Viaduct and New York Central RR. Station  SGC.009.pdf Rhinecliff  Postcard  Wordly  Dear Gyp?, The work is fine and I am getting on to  2 cent George Washington  I may not make it to Poughkeepsie--car problems.  Valentine Souvenir Co (NYC)  vertical
SGC.237 Pinks Pond, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  ????-08-17  Lake, docks, boats and horse and carriage  SGC.237.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Wilbur  Mr. John M. Allisted, 154 W. 141st St., New York,   1 cent George Washington  Dear Father, Reached here safely Saturday night and have been held here by the rain hope to start for Pulaski Corner ???. With love from us all,  Valentine & Sons, New York  vertical
SGC.337 Mill Street Looking South, Rhinebeck, N.Y,  1914-08-29  View of Mill Street  SGC.337.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Wanda  C.C. Hiilure, P.O. Box 91, Waroena, N.Y.  1 cent Ben Franklin  Missed you very, very much Wednesday. Had a fine time. Letter follows very soon. Do write to me.  Valentine Souvenir Co (NYC)  vertical
SGC.351 West Market Street, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  undated  View of West Market Street with horses and carriages and cars  SGC.351.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Walter Feeney  Mr. David Bailey, Surf Ave., Coney Island, N.Y.  1 cent George Washington  4 p.m., Just arrived here after a trip of 200 miles, left home this morning at 6 a.m. Hope to see you at Brooklyn next week, Kind regards  no publisher  vertical
SGC.249 "On the Wurtemburgh Road", Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1907-07-02  Road and bridge  SGC.249.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Verra  Mr. and Mrs. Austin Frost, 443 Sunset Ave., Utica,  1 cent Ben Franklin  Don't you wish you were passing this way.  Dr. Frank Latson, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  vertical
SGC.300 View of Concreat Road from Rhinecliff to Rhinebeck, Rhinecliff, N.Y.  ????-08-11  Rhinecliff road  SGC.300.pdf Rhinecliff  Postcard  Us Women  Mr. A. Heinrich, 357 Paterson Ave., E. Rutherford,  1 cent Ben Franklin  We didn't start until late this morning so we thought we would just make an early stop. The town is still the same.  Kingston Souv. Co. Kingston, N.Y.  vertical
SGC.021 Wood Lea House, Rhinebeck NY  1926-10-29  Wood Lea House  SGC.021.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  T.J. York  Mr. Frank ???, Civil Service Comm., Muncipal Build  2 cent George Washington  My Dear Frank, Stopped hear over night. Charlie is ok.  no publisher  vertical
SGC.323 Chestnut St., Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1913-06-21  View of Chestnut Street  SGC.323.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  T.A.L.  Mr. Clifford Muger, Ancram Lead Mines, N.Y.  1 cent George Washington  Well here I am in Rhinebeck enjoying my self. Your old chum,  Leighton & Valentine Co., N.Y. City  vertical
RHS.1996-009.090 Bridge and Lake at Ellerslie  08/25/1908  lake and bridge view  RHS.1996-009.090.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Sophia Richter  "Mrs. J ??? Biggart, 1099 Summit Ave. Bronx, NY"  1 cent Ben Franklin  We drove here today and had an enjoyable time.  Valentine & Sons Publishing Co. (G.B)  vertical
RHS.1996-009.054 Hoffman Inn and Garage  09/23/1909  Inn with cars parked in front of it  RHS.1996-009.054.pdf Red Hook  Postcard  Salli  "Mrs. Ella Jeffers, Philmont, NY"  1 cent Ben Franklin  I am glad you are back in the USA and I can't wait to see you.  W.M. Van Steenburgh  vertical
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