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Bundle No
Date xx-xx-1905 
Title of Map Red Hook & Rhinebeck Town Line 
Media Link RHS.07.19.2007.012.jpg
Map Type survey 
Scale 1"=100',1"=4' 
Material "Perfect" profile paper Plate A 
Medium pencil, red ink, blue ink 
Condition 8 in tear at one end 
Location Town of Rhinebeck, Town of Red Hook 
Identifiers David Shaver Farm 1801on,S bound of Armstrong Estate ,via Walter Pitcher, River Road, Town, Highway, Lost Stone is S. Bounds of John Sipperley Farm 1801, Hickory Tree at northest corner, Ploss Lot, Stones in the bounds of Splitz and S.W. cor. Fred'k Sleigh Farm 1801, grade of House, Rhinebeck, Red Hook Town line, Stump, Blowoff Trench, indicates center line of wall along south bounds of estate of Gen. Armstrong 1801, 
Surnames Shaver, Armstrong, Pitcher, Sipperley, Ploss, Splitz, Sleigh 
Signer Frank L Teal 
Notes Refer to MapsID#586 and 587 
Width 22 
Length 70 



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