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Bundle No
Date xx-12-1896 
Title of Map Ellerslie 
Media Link RHS.07.19.2007.014.jpg
Map Type survey 
Scale 1"=80' 
Material paper backed with linen 
Medium black ink, red ink, blue watercolor 
Condition in 2 pieces, water spots throughout, one edge deteriorated 
Location Town of Rhinebeck 
Identifiers mansion, gardens, conservatories, violet house, rose house, stables, laundry, water tower, play house, dairy, engine house, hen houses, highway, Hudson River, NYCRR, well water, meter, sewer, gate, shed, garden shop, ice house, farm house, barn, pig pen, closet, 4 inch pipe river water, 2 inch blow off, 1 1/2 inch water pipe, 4 inch gate valve, manure pit, house sewer, rose garden, cottage, water pipe root cellar, river water tank in lower portion of tower, 2 to 1 reduce, telephone cable, man hole, lake water, electric wire, main water reservoir, pump, waste water out fall, fire hyd, garden, gate on one inch well, 
Signer J J Croes 
Width 23.5 
Length 49.5 



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