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ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
310 xx-07-1966  Cramer Road, Cross St  RHS.10.22.2007.074.jpg survey  1"=40'  medium paper  blue print  good  Village of Rhinebeck  Eleanor T Closs, McLenehan, Dutchess Co Agricultural Society, Helen R Foster, Springbrook Avenue, Mulberry Street, warning sign, Cramer Road, State Highway Route 9, black top driveway, catch basin, to Red Hook, private roadway (cross street), gravel drive, culvert pipe, macadam driveway, hyd,    unsigned  4 copies, detail along shoulder of Route 9 including culverts, signs, pipes, poles, trees, driveways  19  31  vertical
304 7.B  xx-01-1965  Astor Drive to Village of Rhinebeck  RHS.10.22.2007.073.jpg survey  1"=100'  medium paper  blue print  good  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  John Kane, Montgomery Street, Beekman Acres, Gate, Road to NY 308, State Highway No. 1530,  Kane  Robert L B Jennings, Rou  proposed route from Montgomery Street to Road to NY 308 (ie River Road) and property to be conveyed to town (5.5 Acres) and village (2.08 Acres),  22.25  61  vertical
638 7.A  xx-08-1966  Locust Grove Road  RHS.10.22.2007.072.jpg survey  1"=30'  transparent paper  pencil  good  Village of Rhinebeck  Sipperley, Montgomery Street, William L Wildey, rec. April 26, 1946, Han, Sophie L Stacks,Oct 23, 1944 Lot No. 3, Lot No. 1 of Sipperley, brick pillar, iron fence post, spike in tip of brick pillar, iron fence post (angle iron)    unsigned    18.25  42.75  vertical
290 xx-xx-1931  Rhinebeck Village Corp Lines--streets & USGS El Data  RHS.10.22.2007.071.jpg survey  1"=50'  transparent paper  pencil  poor--ragged at edges, many tape marks, right side cut unevenly, brittle  Village of Rhinebeck  Parsonage Street, Wyncoop Lane, Dutchess Co Fairgrounds, Champlin, RR fence, tilled land, found evidence of original corner, Mont. St. line, for precise level of OGAS see field notes, old track, MVB.Schryver to Wm Kinscherf, North Park Road, nail near NW corn. iron cover of sistern, Violet Place, Arnett Road, South Park Road, RR & D Co. per survey corporation line,    unsigned  shows some streets that never existed, reference to 1931 notes (There are references to Champlin surveys)  34.5  57.5  vertical
466 19  xx-03-1966  Present A & P Store Property of the Rhinebeck Recreation Center, Inc  RHS.10.05.2007.070.jpg survey  1"=20'  medium paper  blue print  good  Village of Rhinebeck  West Market St, Oak St, Gordon Lattin, John Wooley, formerly of Arther C. and Twilight Briggs, Edward and Annie Rifenburgh, Rec. April 3, 1922, iron pipe in fence corner, George J. Kinscherf and William Settgast, to Luigi Sama, Rec. January 17, 1949, now or formerly of Tremper, Garden St. pipe, Keegan building (brick), mark on flagston sidewalk, store building, iron rod, Mary E. Wager, formerly of Crawford Wager, Rec. Feb. 24, 1943, pt in fence corner,    Robert L Decker    18.25  22.5  vertical
472 19  xx-12-1960  Knollwood Estates  RHS.10.05.2007.069.jpg survey  unidentified  heavy transparent paper  pencil  good--discolored along edge  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  Knollwood Rd, 122 lots proposed, Young, future development, boundary per old survey, stone, Mulvey, stacks, stake. W. side power line, stake E side power line, stake E. side swamp, drain and fill, brush and tree line, Rev. Paul Young, Will Tremper Road, top of ridge, bottom of slope and brush line, Donald M. Ruggles, Rhinebeck Central School, R.O.W., Trinity Place, Bernstein, Wetzler, Curthoys, Espie, Trabuccodunchus, MacPhail, Giacalone, Cozine Avenue, Hadben, Murry, Langhans, house numbers 6/10/63, Sunsent Road, Robert N. Decker, Towl,    Robert L Decker    30.25  37.5  vertical
471 19  undated  Knollwood Cozine  RHS.10.05.2007.068.jpg survey  unidentified  transparent paper  pencil  fair--rips along edge, faded, small hole  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  Knollwood Rd, Cozine Ave, John Tieder, DeClinton, Anthony Greco, George Williams, John Ackerman, Henry Hildreth, Charles Ebling, Robert N Decker, Sunset Road, brush and trees, Hawley Winne, Delvin Wolcott, Mahlon McCarney, Neil Volk, Charles Stikeman G, Manor Road, bush line, top slope, roadway, ft. slope,  Tieder, DeClinton, Greco, Williams, Ackerman, Hildreth, Ebling, Decker, Winne, Wolcott, McCarney, Volk, Stikeman,  unsigned  Parcell 371.A  28.5  39.75  vertical
469 19  31-03-1921  Farm to be acquired by James Cozine, Esq  RHS.10.05.2007.067.jpg survey  1"=200'  medium paper  blue print  good  Town & Village of Rhinebeck  James J Cozine, Esq, Arnett Wood Lot, "Little Orchard"; more recent markings on map related to Knollwood Estates subdivision ,    F L Teal    25  30  vertical
467 19  xx-xx-1956  Cramer Park, 1956  RHS.10.05.2007.066.jpg survey  unidentified  medium paper  blue print  good--small taped one inch piece added at one end  Village of Rhinebeck  Cramer Park, Northern Dutchess Hospital, US Route 9, Dutchess County Fairgrounds, John F. and Millicent Hamilton, NDHC survey, Chazen says S77' 09' W, cone monument, Raymond Ulmer, Smith, rod, William Milne, James Cecile, Dittmar and Regg, Kent, Arthur Spalding, Harold Moss, LeGrand, Alcid Gilman, Edith Erickson, Smith Merrihew, Pflum, Jack Dickerson, Claeson, Barrows, Forbes, Paul Gifford,  Hamilton, Chazen Ulmer, Smith, Milne, Cecile, Dittmar, Regg, Kent, Spalding, Moss, LeGrand, Gilman, h Erickson, Smith, Merrihew, Pflum, Dickerson, Claeson, Barrows, Forbes, Gifford,  unsigned  approx 35 lots, each at least 0.3A  34.25  39  vertical
301 11-May-1962  Community Garage  RHS.10.05.2007.065.jpg survey  1"=30'  medium paper  blue print  good  Village of Rhinebeck  East Market Street, Village Map, Wilbur Lown Feed Store, formery Brown, Clarence Lown, Kime, parcel purchased by Van Etten from Acker and Brown, right of way to Center Street, Louis E. Kime, formerly Van Etten, Delia Reilly, Community Garage, Village of Rhinebeck, Schaad,    Robert L Decker  2 copies  12.25  15.5  vertical
ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
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