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ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
20 19  1914 North  Rhinecliff Hotel  RHS.08.16.2007.039.jpg survey  1"=50'  transparent paper  pencil, red ink  2 in rip one end, tiny corner piece gone  Rhinecliff  Dr Asher, Geo Rogers, Hotel, Scott Hotel, Ann Pells, Sheet No 1, Shatzell Ave, Charles St,    unsigned  lengthy note explains errors in prior monument locations  27  36.25  vertical
209 7.A  1-May-1948  Locust Grove Road 1944-45  RHS.08.16.2007.038.jpg survey  1"=40'  heavy paper  pencil  cracks at edge, water stains  Village of Rhinebeck  Ang. In bounds per deed from Hamlin 1922, Wildey, Sipperley, Montg and W Mkt St, spike in top brick pillar, parsonage  Hamlin, Sipperly  Frank L Teal    20  30.5  vertical
199 7.B  28-03-1916  NYCRR road through Holiday Farm  RHS.08.16.2007.037.jpg survey  1"=50'  blueprint  white print  23 in rip down middle, 2 in piece out from corner, 3 large stains  Rhinecliff  Vincent Astor, Shatzell Ave, Kingston Ferry, CNE Ry, Ancient Burial Plot, Miss Mary Morton, Harry Pottenburgh Town of Rhinebeck supervisor,  Morton, Pottenberg  NYC RR  outline of old cemetery  21  41.75  vertical
197 7.B  22-05-1928  Beekman Terrace Cornwell 1927  RHS.08.16.2007.036.jpg survey  1"=50'  blueprint  white print  slight rips one corner  Rhinecliff  Edna B Cornwell, CNERR,NYCRR,Hudson River, New York Central Depot, Ferry, Charles St, Orchard St, Corning St, Dutchess Terrace  Cornell  F L Teal  reference to "Papers Box F"  23.25  35.25  vertical
8 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer--Profile  RHS.08.16.2007.035.jpg profile  1/4"=1', 1 1/4"=100'  heavy paper  pencil  water stained, discolored on edges  Village of Rhinebeck  Livingston St, south bounds South St, deflection, Y Branch, East Market St., Conduit, El. per Vil. Datum, Center St., mean sea level., datum, all measurements and elevations refer to center line of sewer (red line),    Frank L Teal    22.5  23  vertical
7 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer--Street Basin  RHS.08.16.2007.034.jpg plan  3/4"=1', 1"=1'  medium paper  pencil  2 in rip one end, spots, tape marks  Village of Rhinebeck  special gutter stone, grate, cast iron cover, lamphole and casting, stone masonry at end of pipe sewer and open conduit, concrete,    Frank L Teal    18  31.25  vertical
6 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer--Pipes, Crosswalks  RHS.08.16.2007.033.jpg plan  1"=10', 3/4'=1'  medium paper  pencil  darkened edges  Village of Rhinebeck  Plate II, curb stone, gutter stone, lamp pole, East Market St, Center St, crossing stone, gutter, basin head, M. H. Proposed, rod, State Road datum,pipe details, road details, Sta. "O" on north curb line    Frank L Teal    19  32  vertical
5 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer  RHS.08.16.2007.032.jpg survey  1"=60'  medium paper  pencil  streaks of discoloration  Village of Rhinebeck  East Market St, South St, Landsman's Kill, Section I, Section II, Section III, Plan of Storm Water Sewer, Center, end of pipe sewer, RED, Y Branch    Frank L Teal    18.25  25  vertical
4 03/08/1908  Dutchess County Fairgrounds  RHS.08.16.2007.031.jpg site plan  1"=100'  transparent paper  pencil  damage along edges  Village of Rhinebeck  tennis court, garden, house, State Road, Old Fair House, old track, Judge Stand, Platt Avenue, Parsonage Street, orchard, Dinehart Track, See F B August 3, 1908,  Obolensky, Hoffmanstal, Harding, Bouverie  unsigned    16.25  31.75  vertical
1054 xx  ca 1852-1860  Map of Rhinebeck--detail of Paper Mill  RHS.08.12.2010.217.1.jpg street map  1"=200'  paper  black print  very poor--brittle, pieces missing, discolored  Village of Rhinebeck      John Bevan  Starr Library  29  36.5  vertical
ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
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