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ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
1054 xx  ca 1852-1860  Map of Rhinebeck  RHS.08.12.2010.217.jpg street map  1"=200'  paper  black print  very poor--brittle, pieces missing, discolored  Village of Rhinebeck      John Bevan  Starr Library  29  36.5  vertical
877 60  1-Feb-1944  Topography at the Rhinebeck Town Lot  RHS.08.12.2010.216.jpg topo survey  20' to 1"  light paper  black print  fair--rusted paper clip residue,some spots  Town of Rhinebeck  Rhinebeck Kill, to Rhinebeck, to Rhinecliff, pavement, highway, cellar, elm, cherry, maple  Tallmadge, Adkins, Brice, Ahern, Teal, Croes  Frank L. Teal  2 copies  19.75  29.25  vertical
870 60  xx-xx-1910  Mrs. Jennings Lot 1910  RHS.08.12.2010.215.jpg survey  1"=40'  heavy paper  pencil, red ink  poor--stained, torn, faded, tears, 4.24 inch tear, taped  Village of Rhinebeck  Alfred C. Goof, William T. Teller, Maria E. Schuyer, Daniel McGarvey, Mrs. Jennings, Herman Ruge, Nicholas Hoffman, Daniel McGarvey, 1872, Mont. St., R. Williams, Notch Elam, Pin Oak, Prospect St., North St., Old Bearing  Goof, Teller, Schuyer, McGarvey, Jennings, Ruge, Hoffman,. Williams  unsigned  Two sided- Inside of Map 869  13  29  vertical
869 60  xx-xx-1910  Suckley to Smith 1910  RHS.08.12.2010.214.jpg survey  1"=50'  heavy paper  pencil, brown ink, green pencil  poor--stained, torn, faded, tears, 4.24 inch tear, taped  Village of Rhinebeck  Suckley, Seymour Smith, Lafayette Milroy, Jennings, Trombini, Ada Smith, R.B. Suckley,Center, Emilie Greco  Suckley, Smith, Milroy, Jennings, Trombini, Smith, Suckley,Greco  unsigned  Two sided-Outside of map 870  13  29  vertical
868 60  undated  Profile of East Chestnut Street, Rhinebeck New York  RHS.08.12.2010.213.jpg profile  1"=40', 1"=4  profile paper  black ink, pencil, red ink, yellow ink  good-- brittle, stains, tears, pieces missing from edges  Village of Rhinebeck  East Chestnut, Beech St., Mulberry St., Oak, Montgomery St., Chestnut Street East and West grade maps, Parsonage St.  Bates  "probably by Thad Bates"    5.75  80  vertical
862 60  xx-May-1911  Lot from E.M. Smith Land Rhinebeck Village 1911 for Frank Herrick  RHS.08.12.2010.212.jpg survey  1"=20'  heavy paper  pencil  good--tear along upper edge, soiled along left side and on back  Village of Rhinebeck  Smith Property, School Property, Mulberry Street, South Street  Smith, Herrick  unsigned    13.5  36  vertical
858 60  17-May-1911  Map and Profile showing grade of Garden St. in Rhinebeck Village Dutchess Co., New York  RHS.08.12.2010.211.jpg profile and survey  1"=40'  linen  black ink, red ink, brown ink  good--two metal clasps on one side, some rust spots, tape residue  Village of Rhinebeck  Louis Rosenkranz, Pres., Frak L. Teal, Civil Engineer, Garden Street, West Market Street, Montgomery Street, Montgomery House  Rosenkranz, Teal  Frank L. Teal  See Map No. 857, which appears to be the cover sheet for Map No. 858.  16.25  36.25  vertical
19 16  1867  Rhinebeck Village  RHS.07.26.2007.030.jpg plan  20 rods=1"  thin paper  black, yellow, and green print  10 in rip on side, water stains, brittle  Village of Rhinebeck  Business Directory, references, 56 (page) in upper right corner, Albany Road, C.T. Cramer, Summer Resort, H.B. Welcher (house), barn, Edgerley (houses), P. Benner (houses), Episcopal Parsonage, A. Drury (houses), W. B. Platt (house), Mrs. G.W. S., J. Mc. Keese (house), M. V. B. S., M. V. B. Schryver (houses), J. G. Ostrom, Miss Martin, G. R. Pultz (house), Wm. Cross (house, barn), H[enry] Delamater, J. Hyslop (houses), J. Hugerman (houses), J. F. Wechesser (building), J. Tapping (building), William Carroll (Building), Starr Institute (building), Taylor Shop (building), C. Marquardt/ bakery, S. L. W. C., saloon, store, Tailor Shop, Hank, (Garden Street), A. H. J. Mrs. T, West Market Street, P. M. Fulton, Mrs. Pink (building), A. J. Hermance (building), W. Pink (building), Oak Street, Mrs. Lydon, T. Casey, H. Williams, W. Johnson, V. Gurvey, M. Schwartz, Mrs. A. Traver, B.S.Sh, B. Noxon, H. Belt, J. Donley, (buildings), S. Guilson, R. Thomas, L. Johnson, Elmwood, W. T. Teller, J.L. Van Wagernen, Rhinecliff Road, Mill Street, W. Van Steenburg (house), G. Van Keuren, G. Traver, E. Barringer, Dutchess County, Cherry Street, Mrs. A. Wager (house), Avenue A, Cookingham, Centre Street, Evergreen Lawn, Mrs. G. W. Shryver, T. Gillender, J. A. Van Steenvergh, E. H. (houses), Chestnut Street, Mrs. Schell, Office, Doctor E. Patt, Baptist Church, W. H. Steenburg, L. Asher, N. W. H. Judson, J & W Cowles, J. I. Smith, News Office, P.O., William H. Platt, William Butler, Mrs. Miller, R. C. Barton, H. Brownson, J. Westfall, Degarmo Institute, Lutheran Church, Parsonage, S. Traver, L. Curtis, Horticultural Grounds, William Van Wagenen, office (building), M. V. V. Schryver, College Hill, M. Pultz, P. Pultz, G.W. Hogan, M. C. Row, Parsonage Street, H. W. Mink, A. J. Teal, grocery, Mrs. Racket, L. Pultz, H. Latson, Mrs. J. Kipp, J. Snyder, C. Traver, E. Teal, Pond, G. F. Cookingham, Pine Plains Road, E. Beardsley, J. H. Henyen, J. H. Welch, Mrs. Kipp, A. Ostrom, Mrs. Welch, William Doyle, G. Talmadge, parsonage, R.D.Church, Landsman Kill, H. Latson, Carpenter Shop, D. Norris, M. I. & G. Marquet, J. H. Ackert, D. D. Teal, J. Sweeney, P. Brown, J. H. Hoffman, T. Cutting, H. Skidmore, L. A. Ehlers, office. P. M. Fullson lumber yard, C. S., Jas. Hogan, Paper Mill, Rhinebeck Mills, J. Ansell, G. Mill, Mrs. Davison, H. L. , store, W. J. Styles, Mrs. J. Asher, Mrs, H. Kipp. J. Killmer, E. Styles, Lecture Room, Reform Dutch Church, W. Tremper, A. Wager, Love Lane, S. Jennings, Van Aiken, Milroy, Mrs. Harrison, H. I. Ostrom, B. S. Sh., A.J.H., Mrs. A., J. G. Ostrom, R. Sh., E. Killmer, M. L. Marquet, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Esher, J. McKewen, J. Brown, W. Luft Estate, Sash, Blind F., Moore & Son Lumber Yard, Center Street, Iron Works, W. Hanabergh, R. Delamater, H.H., E. Brooks, J. N. Cramer, P. J. Ackert, J. McCarty, Mrs. Logan, J. Reed Estate, R. Suckley, M. K. Garrettson, T.W. Bates, G. H. Ackert, Mrs. Miller, E, M.Smith, School No. 5, Episcopal Church, J. M. Hogan, New Office. P. Pultz, B. C. Onger, D. Norris, S. McCarty, S. C. Crapser, W. Hevenor, G. E. Ring, Mrs. Van Wagener, Mrs.J. A. Marquet, P. Latson, Mrs. O, Mrs. P. , C. Gay, William Burrell, J. H. Richert, F. Teal, E. Teal, C. Traver, J. Snyder, Mrs. J. Kipp, A. J. Teal Grocery, South Street, H. W. Mink, SPR Bowne, Village Place, Parsonage, Methodist Church, Livingston Street, N. W., H. Judson, Mrs. N., S. Drury, N. W. N., Mrs. Quick, Hanneburgh, P. H. Quick, Mrs. Cramer, C. W. Quick, M.W. H. Judson, C. D. Taylor, A. Ostrom, Mrs. Camp, J. Van Nulton, Mrs. B. Mrs. L. William, 1. Mrs. Martin, East Side of Montgomery Street, references, 2. A. Wager, 3. Post Office, 4. Metropolitan Meat Market, 5. C. R. Putz, 6. G. W. Hogan, 7. Saloon , 8. E. Brooks, 9. Judson & Sons, 10. B. Lansing, 11. P. R. quick, 12. I. Van Vlite, 13. Miss Elmendorp, 14. T. Edgerly, Gazette Office, 15. J. Bush, 16. Mrs. Belterton, 17. H. N.E. Hill, 1. H, Latson, I. F Collins, G. E. Ring, 2. J. A. Van Steenburg, Barton and Williams, 3. William Carroll, G. H. Achert, 4. E. Kilmer, A. Knoxon, J. Hogan, 5. W. Bates & Son, 6. M. L. M. & G. A., J. Rynders, C. L. Morse, J. H. Ackert & Sons, Poughkeepsie Road, Shady Side, W. R. Schell, West Sdie of Montgomery Street, 1. W.M. Mayre, 2. Photograph Gallery, store, 3. Harness Shop, 4. First National Bank of Rhinebeck, 5. Tailor, 6. T. & A. Traver, 7. C. Frey, 8. J & W. Cowles, 9. C. Marquet, 10. Rhinebeck Hotel, 11. A. Signer, 12. Hoffman & T. , 13. Engine House, 14. Mrs. Betterton, Attorneys: Esseletyne Geo., Attorney East Market Street; Garrettson, T. L. L. , McCarty, J. C. Attorney & Assistant Assessor, Int. Hev. E. M. Street; Agents: Mr. Browson, H. Agent Amercian Bible Society. Livingston Street; Elting, P. R. Life Insurance Agent Union Mutual of Maine; Gillender, Theo. Insurance Agent Home New York; Hogan, J. A. C. M. New Agent East Market Street; Physicians and Druggists: Lansing, B. Physician and Dealer in Drugs, Books and Stationary, East Market Street; Morse, Charles L. Dealer in Drugs and Medicines, East Market Street; Platt, F. Physician Montgomery Street; Van Vleet, I. F. , Physician and Druggist; Pastors and Teachers: Browing, Rev. W. G, Residence, East Market and Mulberry Streets; DeGarmo, Jas. M., Princip. DeGramo Institute, Select Boarding and Day School, Livingston Street; Hotels: Hoffman, Griffin, Proprietor, Rhinebeck Hotel; Phillips, Levy, Proprietor, Union Hotel; Merchants: Bates, William & Sons, Dealer in Dry Goods, Paper, Hangings, Yankee Notions, Zephyr, Worsted Goods, East Market Street; E. Brooks, Merchant Tailor and Dealer in Hats and Caps; Carroll Williams, Dealer in Furniture, Carpets and Upolstory, East Market Street; Collins, J. F., Dry Goods and Crockery, East Market; Cramer and Hunsberg, Lumber Line, Cement and All Kinds of Building Materials, East Market Street; Fulton, P. M., Lumber Dealer , Mill Street; Guilfoil, D. H. Merchant Tailor, Cloths and Cashmers, French and English Styles on Hand, Montgomery Street; Hill, H. & E., Tanners and Leather Dealers, East Market Street; Judson, N. W. & Son, Hardware, Holloware, Stoves, and Tinware, East Market Street; Luff, W. E., News Depot, Books, Stationary & Billiard, Saloon, Mongomery Street; Pultz, Chas. H. , Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Paints, Oils, SE Corner of East Market; Rikert, J. H., Dealer in Boots and Shoes, East Market Street; Smith, E. M. Draper and Tailor, Next Door to Bank: Styles, W. J. Dealer and repairer of clocks, watches, jewelry pianos, Melodians, Sewing Machines, East Mill Street; Grocers: Ackert, J. H. & Sons, Dealer in Grain Flour, Seed, Groceries, Porvisions, East Market Street; Barton & Williams, Groceries and Provisions, Flour and Feed, East Market Street; Moore, P. H. & Son, Grain, Flour and Feed, Groceries and Provisions; Quick, P.R. , Dealer in Groceries and Provisions; Manufacturers and Dealers: Gray, H., Prop. Marble Works, East Market Street; Hogan, Jas. , Paper Manufacturer, Mill Street; Hogan, G. W., Cigars and Dealer in Tobacco, Pipes, East Market Street; Killmer, E., Rhinebeck Carriage and Sleigh Manufactory, East Market Street; Morse, C. B., Manufacturer Cotton and Wool Machinery; Marguardt, C., Baker, Manufacturer and Dealer in Cigars, Tobacco and Snuff. West Market Street; Michell, Math., Manufacturing, carting and cloth, West Market Street; Dressing Dist. No. 11; Marguet, M.L.N.&G., Founders and manufacturers of AG implements; Cipperly, Manufacturers and Dealers in Harness, Saddles, Trunks, Valises, Blankets, Trimmings, Montgomery Street opposite the Post Office; Van Steenbergh, J. A. , Manuf. and Dealer in Harness, Saddles, Trunks, Whips, Blankets, Trimmings, East Market Street; Miscellaneous: Ansell, John, Proprietor Flour and Grist Mill; Brown, P. Residence, South Street; Crapser, S. C. , Carriage Painter and Manufacturer, East Market Street; Ehlers, L. A. , Landscape Gardner, Residence, Mill Street; Edgerly, T. , Residence, Montgomery Street; Eighmy, George, Carriage and Sleigh Maker, District No. 9; Hevenor, G. , Blacksmithing, Shoeing, Carriage Making, and Edge Tool Work, District No. 3; Keese, John M.., Post Master, Residence, Montgomery Street; Latson, Henry, Carpenter and Builder, East Market Street; Lueddeke, L., Grist Mill and Saw Mill, Dealer in Flour: Markle, J. Painter; Myers, W. S. , Liveryman, South Street; Knoxson, J. C., Editor Rhinebeck Gazette; Platt, W. B., Banker, Residence, Montgomery Street; Rynders, John R., General Dealer, South Street; Schell, M. R., Residence, Shady Side; Skidmore, Harvey, Residence, Corner Mill and South Street; Schultz, B. Residence, Mill Street; Schryver, M. V. B. , Residence, Livingston Street; Taylor, C. V. , Residence, Livingston Street; Teller, W. T. , Residence, West Market Street; Tripp, S. G. , Carpenter, Corner of Livingston and Center; Van Wagenen, William, Horticulturalist, Office, Livingston Street: Van Keuren, C. M., Restaurant, East Market Street: Van Wagenen, J. L., Residence, West Market Street; Westfall, Jac., Residence-Livingston Street; Welcher, H. R., Residence-Montgomery Street; Markets: Hoffmann & Tremper, Proprietors Village Meat Market, West Market Street; Sweeny, Jas., Metropolitan Meat Market, Montgomery Street.  Cramer, Welcher , Edgerley. Benner, Drury, Platt, Keese, Schryver, Ostrom, Martin, Pultz , Cross, Delamater, Hyslop, Hugerman Wechesser, Tapping, Carroll, Marquardt, Hank, Fulton, Pink, Hermance, Williams, Johnson, Gurvey, Schwartz, Traver, Noxon, Belt, Donley, Guilson, Thomas, Johnson, Elmwood, Teller, Van Wagernen, Van Steenburg , Van Keuren, Traver, Barringer, Wager, Cookingham, Shryver, Gillender, Steenvergh, Schell, Patt, Steenburg, Asher, . Judson, Cowles, Smith, Platt, Butler, Miller, Barton, Brownson, Westfall, Degarmo, . Traver, Curtis, Van Wagenen, Schryver, Pultz, Hogan, Row, Mink, Teal, Racket, Pultz, Latson, Kipp, Snyder, Traver, Beardsley, Henyen, Welch, Kipp, Ostrom, Welch, Doyle, Talmadge, Latson, Norris, . Marquet, Ackert, Teal, . Sweeney, Brown, Hoffman, Cutting, Skidmore, Ehlers, Fullson, Hogan, Ansell, Mill, Davison, Styles, Asher, Kipp. . Killmer, . Styles, Tremper, . Wager, Jennings, Van Aiken, Milroy, Harrison, . Ostrom, Killmer, Marquet, Bailey, Esher, McKewen, Brown, Luft, Sash, Blind , Moore, Hanabergh, Delamater, Brooks, Cramer, Ackert, McCarty, Logan, . Reed, Suckley, Garrettson, Bates, Ackert, Miller, Smith, Hogan, Onger, Norris, . McCarty, Crapser, Hevenor, Ring, Van Wagener, . Marquet, Latson, Gay, Burrell, Richert, Traver, Snyder, Kipp, Mink, Bowne, Judson, Drury, Quick, Hanneburgh, Cramer, Judson, Taylor, Ostrom, Camp, . Van Nulton, William, Martin, . Wager, Brooks, Judson, Lansing, Van Vlite, Elmendorp, Edgerly, Bush, Belterton, Hill, Latson, Collins, Ring, Van Steenburg, Barton, Williams, Carroll, Achert, Kilmer, Knoxon, Bates, Rynders, Morse, Ackert, Schell, Mayre, Tailor, Traver, Frey, Cowles, Signer, Hoffman Betterton, Esseletyne, Garrettson, McCarty, Browson, Elting, Gillender, Lansing, Morse, Charles Platt, Van Vleet, Browing, DeGarmo, Hoffman, Phillips, Bates, William. Brooks, Carroll Williams,Collins, Cramer Hunsberg, Fulton, Guilfoil, Hill, Judson, Luff, Pultz, ; Rikert, Smith, Draper, Tailor, Styles, Ackert, Barton,Williams, Moore, Quick, Gray, Hogan, Morse, Baker, Michell, Cipperly, Van Steenbergh, Ansell, Brown, Crapser, Ehlers, Edgerly, Eighmy, Hevenor, Keese, Latson, Lueddeke Markle, Myers, Knoxson, Rynders, J; Schell, Skidmore, Schultz, Schryver, Taylor, Teller, Tripp, Van Wagenen, William, Van Keuren, Van Wagenen, Westfall, Welcher, Hoffmann, Tremper, Sweeny,  Beers  compare MapID#288 and MapID#19, words in parenthesis represent structures shown on map  20.25  28  vertical
14 undated  Rhinebeck Cemetery Southeast lots  RHS.07.26.2007.029.jpg topo survey  not identified  heavy paper  pencil, blue pencil, black ink  weather damage at 6inx2in corner, 1 in & 8 in rips at opposite ends  Village of Rhinebeck  East Market Street, free burial, single graves, Post Road, BM on walk, board fence, Mill Road    unsigned    20  57  vertical
13 undated  Rhinebeck Cemetery Central Lots  RHS.07.26.2007.028.jpg topo survey  not identified  heavy paper  pencil, blue pencil, black ink, orange streak  water stains, dangerous 16 in rip  Village of Rhinebeck  cut on this line, make roadway 16' wd, Crosby, Morton, woodland, Busline and Young, BM on hinge, pipe, easement    unsigned  notes about pipes  20  61  vertical
ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
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