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Scan ID ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
RHS.08.16.2007.031 2990  Dutchess County Fairgrounds  RHS.08.16.2007.031.jpg site plan  1"=100'  transparent paper  pencil  damage along edges  Village of Rhinebeck  tennis court, garden, house, State Road, Old Fair House, old track, Judge Stand, Platt Avenue, Parsonage Street, orchard, Dinehart Track, See F B August 3, 1908,  Obolensky, Hoffmanstal, Harding, Bouverie  unsigned    16.25  31.75  vertical
RHS.08.16.2007.032 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer  RHS.08.16.2007.032.jpg survey  1"=60'  medium paper  pencil  streaks of discoloration  Village of Rhinebeck  East Market St, South St, Landsman's Kill, Section I, Section II, Section III, Plan of Storm Water Sewer, Center, end of pipe sewer, RED, Y Branch    Frank L Teal    18.25  25  vertical
RHS.08.16.2007.033 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer--Pipes, Crosswalks  RHS.08.16.2007.033.jpg plan  1"=10', 3/4'=1'  medium paper  pencil  darkened edges  Village of Rhinebeck  Plate II, curb stone, gutter stone, lamp pole, East Market St, Center St, crossing stone, gutter, basin head, M. H. Proposed, rod, State Road datum,pipe details, road details, Sta. "O" on north curb line    Frank L Teal    19  32  vertical
RHS.08.16.2007.034 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer--Street Basin  RHS.08.16.2007.034.jpg plan  3/4"=1', 1"=1'  medium paper  pencil  2 in rip one end, spots, tape marks  Village of Rhinebeck  special gutter stone, grate, cast iron cover, lamphole and casting, stone masonry at end of pipe sewer and open conduit, concrete,    Frank L Teal    18  31.25  vertical
RHS.08.16.2007.035 xx-xx-1902  Center St Stormwater Sewer--Profile  RHS.08.16.2007.035.jpg profile  1/4"=1', 1 1/4"=100'  heavy paper  pencil  water stained, discolored on edges  Village of Rhinebeck  Livingston St, south bounds South St, deflection, Y Branch, East Market St., Conduit, El. per Vil. Datum, Center St., mean sea level., datum, all measurements and elevations refer to center line of sewer (red line),    Frank L Teal    22.5  23  vertical
RHS.07.19.2007.014 xx-12-1896  Ellerslie  RHS.07.19.2007.014.jpg survey  1"=80'  paper backed with linen  black ink, red ink, blue watercolor  in 2 pieces, water spots throughout, one edge deteriorated  Town of Rhinebeck  mansion, gardens, conservatories, violet house, rose house, stables, laundry, water tower, play house, dairy, engine house, hen houses, highway, Hudson River, NYCRR, well water, meter, sewer, gate, shed, garden shop, ice house, farm house, barn, pig pen, closet, 4 inch pipe river water, 2 inch blow off, 1 1/2 inch water pipe, 4 inch gate valve, manure pit, house sewer, rose garden, cottage, water pipe root cellar, river water tank in lower portion of tower, 2 to 1 reduce, telephone cable, man hole, lake water, electric wire, main water reservoir, pump, waste water out fall, fire hyd, garden, gate on one inch well,    J J Croes    23.5  49.5  vertical
RHS.07.26.2007.027 12  undated  Rhinebeck Cemetery Southwest, Lots 776-801  RHS.07.26.2007.027.jpg topo survey  not identified  heavy paper  pencil, blue pencil, black ink  water stains, 2 in rip, 7.5 in rip  Village of Rhinebeck  wild wood, water, tool house, Hudson River, all curves of 1 degree or over spiraled, see subplan, Rhinebeck and Kingston Ferry Company, match mark, Rhinecliff, overhead, three rail gas pipe fence, concrete walk, ramp, brick pav., brick brac, concrete platform and canopy, concrete wall, ferry to Kingston, wire fence, dry wall, Charles Street, Orchard Street, Shatzel Avenue, Saloon, hotel, walk, P.T. Original, right of way scheduled, Town of Rhinebeck, Benjamin Van Wagner, Charles H. Russell, Hudson River RR Co., RNK Ferry Co., C.A. Fischer, Jesse E. Benson, Harry and Emma Voevurg, Vincent Astor, Albert S. Hutton, signature, 4/16/19, BW Snyder, covenants and remarks. Robert Kelly and EK Prentice, curve, shore line, Let. Pat State of New York to NYC & HARR Co., Pettinos Bros., Slate Dock, Con. grant to Jas. Gillender, Augst 25, 1932, easement, dry wall, macadam, white fence, signal bridge, dirt drive, center line of original location, CNRR, NYCHARR (abandoned line), Ben Ery grant to Cable Ryder, Feb. 12, 1805, James Kearn, res., road to Slate Dock, Hutton Street, Corning Street, driveway mas., deeded to Holiday Farm by Miss Mary Morton for benevolent purposes, Hudson River RR, line of walk    unsigned    20  60.5  vertical
RHS.07.26.2007.029 14  undated  Rhinebeck Cemetery Southeast lots  RHS.07.26.2007.029.jpg topo survey  not identified  heavy paper  pencil, blue pencil, black ink  weather damage at 6inx2in corner, 1 in & 8 in rips at opposite ends  Village of Rhinebeck  East Market Street, free burial, single graves, Post Road, BM on walk, board fence, Mill Road    unsigned    20  57  vertical
346  10  xx-07-1957  Red Hook Central School, Voorhis Parcel  survey  1"=100'  heavy paper  pencil  good  Town of Red Hook  Gangwish to Voorhis, William J Walsh, Norman Thomson, Dearing, Leffler, Moore, Waryas, Van de Bogart    unsigned    26.75  35  vertical
350  12  undated  East Ave for Mrs J J Chapman  survey  unidentified  heavy paper  pencil  discolored, water damaged at ends  Barrytown  House for J J Chapman, Esq    Charles A Platt    30.5  58  vertical
Scan ID ID Bundle No Date Title of Map Media Link Map Type Scale Material Medium Condition Location Identifiers Surnames Signer Notes Width Length  
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