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The Consortium of Rhinebeck History is a group of organizations whose archives contain collections relating to Rhinebeck history.  It is dedicated to the preservation and care of the various collections and to creating an index of the collections to promote public accessibility. 

The Consortium was organized in 1994 by the Quitman Resource Center for Historic Preservation. Members include the Rhinebeck Historical Society, the Museum of Rhinebeck History, the Chancellor Livingston Chapter of the DAR and Wilderstein Preservation. Other members include the Egbert Benson Historical Society, St. Paulís Lutheran Church, United Methodist Parish of Rhinebeck, Third Lutheran Church, the Rhinebeck Reformed Church and the Rhinebeck Town Historian.    

A series of preservation workshops were used to teach techniques needed for each organization to inventory and store their archival property. In May 2000, The Thomas Thompson Trust provided a grant of money to purchase hardware, software, flatbed scanner and provide for data input. The resulting database is being managed by the Consortium and has been prepared for use on the Internet.  

The Consortium is administered by the Quitman Resource Center for Preservation. The Quitman House is located on Route 9, Rhinebeck, NY north of Route 9-G & the Old Stone Church. It includes the Museum of Rhinebeck History which is open June-October Saturdays and Sundays, 2-4 P.M.

For mailing, please use the following address:     Consortium of Rhinebeck History
                                                                               c/o Quitman Resource Center
                                                                               P.O. Box 624
                                                                               Rhinebeck, NY  12572

Periodic updates are planned as more items are accessioned by the various organizations.


For more information please contact Nancy Kelly

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