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                                     St. John's Evangelist Church and Cemetery
                                                     Barrytown, New York

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Church and Cemetery History

Education for the Common Good by Reamer Kline
"Mrs. Aspinwall eventually built and endowed the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Barrytown, and when the Elmendorf parish was phased out, its building was moved and added to St. Johnís. A stained glass window now commemorates Dr. Fairbairnís work there.
The History of Dutchess County New York by James H. Smith
"in 1874 Mrs. Aspinwall erected, as a memorial to her husbandís memory, John L. Aspinwall, and a source of spiritual benefit to the people of Barytown, the beautiful church edifice now standing there. The corner stone of St. John the Evangelist was laid May 9 1894, by the Rev. John A. Aspinwall, in the absence of the Bishop of their Diocese. The building was carried on to completion during the summer and the fall and was consecrated on the 4th day of October 1874 by the Right Rev. Horatio Potter, Bishop of New York, assisted by Rev. Drs. Fairbairn, Breck and Oliver and the Rev. Messrs Aspinwall, Olsen and Hopson.
Much of the furniture of the church was presented by relatives and friends of him whose memory the church was erected. The chancel window was the gift of William H. Aspinwall; the font was presented by Mrs. Roosevelt; the organ by Mrs. Woolsey; the bell by Rev. John A. Aspinwall and Mrs. John Minturn; the communion service by Lloyd Asppinwall, Mrs. Enwick and Mrs. Ambrose Kingsland; the Bible and Prayer Book by Mrs. William A. Aspinwall; the alms basin, by Dr. and Mrs. John T. Metcalfe.
The property, after the consecration of the church, was placed in the hands of trustees selected by Mrs. Aspinwall. The trustees placed the chapel under the pastoral charge of the Warden of St. Stephenís College in Annandale. In the winter of 1875-76 Mrs. Aspinwall erected a handsome building near the church, to be used for weekday services and other church purposes."
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