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1900-08-04 Rhinebeck Pharmacy Sold  The Rhinebeck Pharmacy was sold by W. Rightmyer to Ottman and Schermerhorn of Central Bridge, NY"  Rightmyer, Ottman, Schermerhorn    Newspaper  Business, Rhinebeck Pharmacy  vertical
1900-08-11 Pension law for civil war vets  May 9, 1900 law allows pension of $12 per month for Civil War vets over 75"      Newspaper  Civil War  vertical
1900-08-11 Construction of Power House  Power House of the Dutchess Electric Light Heat and Power Company on upper Montgomery St near RR tracks"      Newspaper  Business, DELHP Co.  vertical
1900-12-23 Murch Gold Farm  Stephen Harnett from syndicate who purchased the Murch gold farm prepared to sink a shaft."  Murch, Harnett, Eustace    Newspaper  Gold Mine  vertical
1907-08-07 Tremper and McCurdy to attend GAR Encampment  Postmaster George Tremper and Justice A. C. McCurdy will attend GAR Encampment in Saratoga"  Tremper, McCurdy    Newspaper  Civil War, GAR  vertical
1907-08-24 Obit Col. Francis S. Keese  Obit Col. Francis Suydam Keese, died in PA member of the 128th transcript of article"  Keese    Newspaper  Civil War  vertical
1908-02-15 Dr. Baker Honored  Dr. B.N. Baker Honored by NJ for service during the Civil War transcript of article"  Baker  New Jersey  Newspaper  Civil War  vertical
1908-10-17 McKown working in Jersey City  Charles W. McKown, served in 128th during Civil War now working for Standard Motor Co, NJ transcript of article"  McKown    Newspaper  Civil War  vertical
1917-08-25 Denfense Corps Mustered In  Rhinebeck Home Defense Corps, 65 men were musted into state service"      Newspaper  Military,WWI  vertical
1917-08-27 Obit Franklin Rikert Dead  Sergeant in the Civil War, butcher with J. H. Rikert, son R. Raymond Rikert"  Rikert    Newspaper  People  vertical
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