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SGC.066       SGC.066.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard            vertical
SGC.172 Church of the Good Shepherd , Rhinbeck, N.Y.  1914-05-18  Catholic Church and High School  SGC.172.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard    Miss Celine Strubin, c/o R.B. Suckley, Rhinebeck,   1 cent George Washington  Dear C: Just a line to say I hope you are all well and thank you for card. Let me know how you are and took stage up today as Dr told me it would do me good. I would love to see you [soon?]. I will try and see you Thursday if that is your day off. Hope [Mr Mc?] and Anne and all are well. My [feet?] are not near better but much worse. Good bye.  Kingston Souv. Co. Kingston, N.Y.  vertical
RHS.1996-009.076 Col. J.J. Astor's Gate House  06/07/1910  gate entrance from road  RHS.1996-009.076.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  ???  "???, Sag Harbor, NY"  1 cent Ben Franklin    Dr. B. N. Baker  vertical
RHS.1995-016.04.001 Buttermilk Falls  09/12/1908  waterfall on Landsman's Kill  RHS.1995-016.04.001.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  A or Q(?) T or J(?)  "Miss Ethel Traver, Salt Point NY"  1 cent Ben Franklin  How is school going? Remember me to all the folks.  Dr. R. N. Baker  vertical
SGC.397 The Astor Bridge, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1920-02-18  View of Astor Bridge on Route 9 with horse and carriage  SGC.397.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  A.E. Gick  Mr. La Vern Rice, Stratford, N.Y.  none  How is your face? Hope I will see you when I get back.  Valentine Souvenir Co (NYC)  vertical
SGC.179 Baptist Church, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1911-05-06  Baptist Church  SGC.179.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Alberta Merry  Mrs. Fred Stilwell, Vassar Hospital, Poughkeepsie,  1 cent Ben Franklin  Dear Mrs. Stilwell, Hope you are improving. Take good care and do not come home to soon. We are having cold weather again. Was up to see the children Monday. They have a dear little dog. Much Love  Dr. Frank Latson, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  vertical
SGC.103 Camp Ramapol, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1929-07-10  Camp Ramapo Aerial View of camp buildings  SGC.103.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Alex K.  Miss Maguire, General Library, University of Mich.  1 cent Ben Franklin  Dear Miss Maguire, This is really a lot more fun than running a multi graph machine, I must admit. Alex. K.  Artview Postcard, 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.  vertical
SGC.112 Interior Public Library, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  ????-05-05  Staircase and books inside of Starr Institute  SGC.112.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Alice Hill  not addressed  none  Dear Miss Connor, Thank you so much for the pretty Easter card. Your friends here all think of you and hope your new home may be so pleasant that it will make you think of old friends. Sincerely yours, Alice Hill  no publisher  vertical
SGC.129 Col. Olin's Bridge, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1909-04-22  Stone bridge over the kill  SGC.129.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Alicia  Mr. Charles DuBois, Walcott Avenue, ???, N.Y.  none  Dear Mr. DuBois, Thank you all very much ?????  Valentine & Sons  vertical
SGC.367 Beekman Arms, Rhinebeck, N.Y.  1949-04-19  Beekman Arms  SGC.367.pdf Rhinebeck  Postcard  Alina and Halie  Mrs. J. Dunn & Family, 1944 Bryn Maur Ave., Haldon  1 cent George Washington  Dear Mrs. Dunn & Girls, We received your card from Florida; glad you took a nice trip. Alina & I are staying at this hotel (the oldest in America) for a week. The hotel and surrounding country are very historical. It is very restfull, almost to quiet at this time of year. Hope you are all well. Love to all, This hotel reminds me of the Indian Queen in Straudsburg  Collotyoe Co,. Elizabeth N.Y.  vertical
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