Settlers & Tenants, Early residents of Rhinebeck

Henry Beekman's patent, sought in 1697 and obtained in 1703 covered most of the land in Rhinebeck.  In large part, it was kept intact by a leasehold system.  Henry's heirs continued to lease the land to tenant farmers well into the nineteenth century.  These leasehold agreements were not recorded in Dutchess County deeds and therefore private records such as rent books and account ledgers are important sources of information about early Rhinebeck settlers and their land. This database includes index information from these sources.

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 Green on the map represents the
 present Town of Rhinebeck, the town
 also includes the Gerrit Artsen & Co.
 parcels which were separately owned.

Parcels to the north of the green area
are in the present Town of Red Hook.









Great Lot- (parcel with Jacomentje's Fly) was sold by the father, Henry Beekman to his son, Henry. Data from the
1802 Map of the Wittemburgh Tract. (Rhinebeck Historical Society)
Morgan Lewis Papers (Staatsburgh State Historic Site)
Henry Beekman rent & account books (Princeton)

Lot #1 was bequeathed by Henry to his granddaughter, Janet Livingston Montgomery
L- Edward Livingston Collection, Princeton C0205

Lots #2 & 5 became the property of Henry's daughter, Catherine Rutsen who married (2) Pawling
Small rent ledger at New York Public Library in the Schuyler Papers. No map has been found for these lots

Lots #3& 4 became the property of Henry's daughter Cornelia, wife of Gilbert Livingston.  Her son, Robert G. Livingston became the owner of a large part of these parcels.
1802 Map (Princeton); Rent Book (New York Historical Society); Survey Field Book for John Crooke (NY Public Library)

Lot #6 Part of land in Red Hook, shown on the map with Peek's Fly, became the property of General John Armstrong. 
A-Records are in the Aldrich family collection.

In addition, records of various millers & merchants include information about residents throughout the town.


The lists included in this database were compiled by Town Historian, Nancy Kelly from public and private archives.

These include:
Edward Livingston Collection at Princeton
New York Historical Society
New York Public Library
Staatsburgh State Historic Site
Albany State Library, Manuscripts Collection
Aldrich Family Papers