The United Methodist Parish of Rhinebeck, New York


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The Methodist Church in Rhinebeck was first organized under the Rev. Freeborn Garrettson.  The earliest congregation met in a home on the corner of Mill and Route 9 called the Benner House.  This is noted by a NYS site historic marker.  
The first church building was located east of the village, near Bollenbeck Road on the present Route 308.  In 1801 this church  was moved to Center Street in the village of Rhinebeck.  A Greek Revivial style church building was constructed at the location of the current Methodist Church on East Market Street in 1822.  This church building burned in 1899 and the present building placed on the same site in 1900.  Unfortunately the  archives of this church burned with the building in 1899.
In addition to the church located in the village of Rhinebeck, three churches were organized to serve communities in the Town of Rhinebeck.
  The church at Mt. Rutsen was founded by Rutsen Suckley as a church for a community of retired Methodist ministers.  This area on   Mt Rutsen Road is now a community park known as Ferncliff Forest.  The community was established in 1876 and the church continued in use until 1901. It was demolished shortly after that time.
  The Riverside Methodist Episcopal Church in Rhinecliff was established in 1855 by Miss Mary Garrettson and a stone church erected for the congregation in 1859.  In September, 1971 the congregation merged with the Rhinebeck congregation.
  The Hillside Chapel was founded by Julia M. Olin in 1855.  The congregation shared a minister with the Rhinecliff congregation until 1888 when they became linked to the Staatsburg church. After 1950, both congregations were linked to the village church.
The Hillside church merged with the village in 1992.

The current archive collection is housed in a safe at the church at 83 E. Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.