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The records presented here have been inventoried, stored and managed by the individual member Organizations
of the CONSORTIUM of RHINEBECK HISTORY, and prepared for inclusion in these various online databases.
For more information, contact must be made with the individual Organization.     

ARCHIVES Databases
These collections may be searched in their entirety,
or they may be searched individually by ORG Code. 

These individually searchable collections provide useful information about
Rhinebeck residents, including those who now live in the town of Red Hook.

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  • RHS.2013-096.08.028
  • RM.1994.0046.A(800)
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  • RM.1996.0322.18.A
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ORG Code

  Organization Information & VIEW / SEARCH
(DAR) Daughters of the American Revolution
(HRHK) Historic Red Hook
(HRH) Hudson River Heritage
(MRH) Museum of Rhinebeck History
(RHS) Rhinebeck Historical Society
(RRC) Rhinebeck Reformed Church
(RTH) Rhinebeck Town Historian
(RTR) Rhinebeck Town Records
(UMPR) United Methodist Parish
(WLC) Wurtemburg Church
  Cemetery Information & VIEW / SEARCH   Collection Information & VIEW / SEARCH   Collection Information & VIEW / SEARCH
Rhinebeck Association Burials 1858-1923 Rhinebeck Village District Rhinebeck Gazette & Other Newspapers
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Red Hook Rhinebeck Town
Multiple Resource Area
Teal Maps Collection
St. John's Evangelist Cemetery, Barrytown RHS Rhinebeck Postcard Collection
Sacred Heart Cemetery, Barrytown

Settlers & Tenants

MRH Rhinebeck Postcard Collection






For more information, please contact the individual organization whose designation is indicated by the initials in the page headers.
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